Saturday, May 10, 2008

Procrastinatory miscellany

Time is running out before the exam, which means that so is procrastination time.

Things that are making me smile (sunny weather I can't enjoy properly aside):

Tom Riis was here for our annual MASG residency. Every year, we have a scholar visit, and this year was especially exciting to me, both because Tom has a lot of energy, and he studies musical theater. The professional development section and the one-on-one time were especially helpful just on the details of how to do this thing, and the rest of the visit was peppered with all sorts of interesting topics and stories. Fantastic.

Dinosaur comics scores two points for the English language. Thanks T-Rex!

The roller skating scene from Shall We Dance. Actually, the whole movie. Also, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

New Inspiration for teaching

And the moments I get to go walking outside. Not just for the weather, but because when I walk, I get to listen to my iPod. That means freedom from my listening list (although I will admit an increasing obsession with Bernstein in preparation for my research).

I'll return after the exam, probably with comments about it. Oh, how I look forward to going out again.


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