Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Academia Out of Bounds

Thinking a little bit about my last post, I realized something. I think it puts too much stock in the classroom. While it would be great to have the chance to just talk about how we listen and why we like certain things, the classroom isn't the only place to do it. It's just a convenient place, because we're all there, charged with the task of being good listeners. I feel like arts organizations have tried to capitalize on this idea, offering happy hours, but part of the problem is a) it's often more comfortable to talk about these things with people you haven't just met and b) I think most of the events happen before the concert, not after. There ought to be something like a book club, yeah? Where people select pieces to hear, get together and talk about it.

And on a related to this title note, academia is more fun when unleashed into the broader world. Consider ye this resounding endorsement.


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