Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Break for Spring

Man, spring break is great but the whole ending it with three days of nonstop dancing seems somewhat unwise. This past weekend was the Ann Arbor Dawn Dance, a favorite yearly event for me. This year, my friend Nora came, jammed with my friend Susie while I made pumpkin pancakes on Saturday morning (this is the other thing I love about break, getting to indulge my culinary domestic side). And of course, the dancing was fantastic, even if it meant I was left with a pile of homework, sore legs, and an exhausted mind. One of the reasons this year was so exciting was the music. This year, we had The Latter Day Lizards, a band whose strength is the versatility they employ in their sets, moving from an old-timey banjo and fiddle sound to a moody, slow jam, to my favorite- the jazzy, free-swinging sets. It's good to get out of the academic, brainy enthusiasm, and just throw the whole body into the music...until it's Sunday night and the muscles start to stiffen. These events make me wish I played music better, or more, or maybe just more socially. On the other hand, I love having talented friends to listen to while I cook or dance or just sit and listen.

I've got more to say about academic affairs, some good things I've read and thought about, but Ratatouille is over and I have class to teach tomorrow. I'll spare you my rapturous love of this movie (I've blogged about it before I know), and spare myself getting involved in anything academic, and instead bid you a good night.


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