Friday, September 4, 2009

We're walking, we're walking

I was just in Seattle, a city that has won my heart effortlessly through having ballroom dance lessons built into the sidewalks (you know, those feet with numbers and arrows?)! How can I resist?

But one of the things we did was take the Underground Tour, a tour with surprisingly little to look at. Like, almost nothing. And yet, it was great. And as I was going on the tour, I realized just how much teaching is like the process of tourguiding: adding just enough color to make things interesting, supplying deeper facts (but sometimes subtly), engaging the crowd, and keeping it moving. The tourguide we had was funny,a rticulate, knowledgeable, and seemingly unscripted. I really hate tours that just feel like a preprepared sheet that you'd get more out of reading yourself, or better yet, a book. But when guides are engaging, informed, and fun, it doesn't even matter if you're standing in a basement looking at a single dusty photo. That's what I want to be.


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