Thursday, April 1, 2010

Too fool for school

I hope today's weather is not a prank, because let me tell you, I don't want more snow after the beautiful t-shirt weather sunny day we've had. Plans to hold some of class outside were put aside because nobody did the reading, so I went outside for 15 minutes while they all read. Maybe sections tomorrow will go better.

There's a lot I've missed posting about—SAM certainly merits some attention, and our double-bill of speakers Tom Turino on Peircian semiotics and David Huron on musical emotion also left me reeling with ideas. But I can't really be bothered with that on a blissful day like today, so instead I'll share a brief observation: there's very little less satisfying to me than finding the perfect music to fit the weather and mood of a day. Today, serendipitously talking about film with my Australian friend, we turned to Picnic at Hanging Rock. And while the day was much hotter, and the clothes much stiffer, there, the slow movement of Beethoven's Emperor concerto winds its way through the suffocating heat like a hint of a cool breeze. It's almost palpable. And putting that on as I headed back to the library (ugh), dawdling outside until the concerto ended, made for a perfect diversion.

Enjoy yourselves.

PS: for another, uh, diversion, and appropriately for today enjoy this not-a-joke cover.