Sunday, February 3, 2008

Performances, Dan style

Those of you who know me know I don't really play anything beyond CDs. Bad piano when required, and vivaciously bad singing more often than is probably prudent. But I'm not a performer, and that's how it is. Thus, when I do make music, it's a much more interpersonal activity, everyone engaged and no spectating. Two cases of recent memory that really made my day.

In sections this week, we've been shape note singing. I love it, but the day we combined three sections into a room of about 50 or more people, all singing as loud as possible, it's just incredible. I don't care about wrong notes, I care about feeling, and y feeling I mean volume here.

I went to knock on my friend Simon's door, and heard the faint strains of the Beethoven 4th piano concerto on the other side (2nd movement was just beginning). SO I knocked that stern baroque dotted rhythm along with the recording. He responded with the piano part. This, uh, continued until well into the third movement (which is honestly a blast to tap out that way), eliciting strange looks from people who only heard knocking and couldn't hear the music. That's precisely the level of dorkiness i like to keep up.


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