Thursday, September 18, 2008

Syllabus Shuffle

So, I was attending the local production of Into the Woods (which is, oddly enough, one I've never managed to get to see), when I discovered they'll be doing Follies in January. This is amazing for many reasons, not least because that's a heck of a show for community theater to do. It will be another of the Sondheim canon to cross off my list, but more exciting is its coinciding with my Sondheim class that I'll be teaching next term. This is twice as good because it's a key Sondheim work, and one without a proper video recording (the closest is a rather impressive concert production that has some good behind-the-scenes info, and stellar performances across the board). The problem is it goes up the second week of class. This means having to teach a complicated work before we even get to his early stuff (West Side Story, Gypsy (which incidentally is I think crucial to understanding Follies)). So now I have to go about rethinking how to approach it, whether to return to it later, but all this pales in comparison to my own excitement to see it and talk about it.

I miss teaching this semester.


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