Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow, I'll be cooking food for about 30 people. I love grocery shopping, and I love cooking even more (and eating more than that)! It will be a nice break from school, working with my hands, a blend of recipes and improvising. Yum. And to aid with the digestion, I've checked out a slew of screwball comedies suitable for couch-parking with leftovers and friends.

In other news, I can be thankful for the syllabus I've finished up for next semester on Sondheim, and thankful for the enthusiastic students I've heard from so far. That's the nice thing about teaching this class—nobody is going to sign up for the class accidentally. It's sort of self-weeding. The only problems lie in trying to guess the students' familiarity with music and in the scant materials sometime that are accessible yet provocative.

I can be thankful for the great company I have in my life, both academic and not. I was sad to miss AMS this year, but I'm looking forward to SAM (and to the day I get something accepted to one of these conferences). I'm waiting to hear back on my dissertation proposal, but for now I'm happy to believe that no news is aphoristically accurate.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!


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